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-All custom orders are non-refundable. This is a collaborative project to create a design and produce a competition suit that is uniquely yours. I am not a mass production site; I am an artist who works with each athlete to create a specific vision for a suit. If we choose to collaborate, I will do my very best to bring your vision to life. By working with me, you are agreeing to accept my artistry as a designer. 


-Whether you are on a payment plan or paying in full up front, work does not begin on your suit until the first payment is made.

-Your suit will not ship until it is paid in full. It is your responsibility to submit your final payment leaving enough time for your suit to ship to you.

-I take payment through PayPal. After we agree upon a price, I will invoice you for the suit. I am always willing to work with you on a payment plan. 

-If you do not pay your invoice for your custom suit immediately upon receipt, you must contact me to ensure I have time to produce your suit prior to making payment.

-Custom suits are made to the measurements you provide. I cannot alter a suit once the stonework is complete. You are responsible for providing accurate measurements. I will not refund or remake your suit due to inaccurate measurements.

-If you have not made final payment prior to the show date you provided and you do not contact me in advance to reschedule, your suit will be considered abandoned. 


-All suit rental reservations and payments are non-refundable.

-If your rental suit does not fit when it arrives, we will provide an exchange at no additional cost to you. Exchange suits will be selected by us to ensure proper fit. You must provide current measurements to us prior to an exchange.

-We are extremely careful to ensure availability of your chosen rental. However, unexpected circumstances or damage to a rental suit occasionally occur. We reserve the right to substitute a suit of our choosing in the event your selected rental suit is unavailable due to late return or irreparable damage.

-Rental suits are due back at our mailing address within 7 days after your competition. Return shipping is included with your suit rental. There is a $250.00 late fee if the suit is received after 7 days. If the suit is not received within 14 days after your competition, Athlete agrees to pay the full retail value of the suit and will be permitted to keep the suit. 

-Your rental suit is provided for YOU. Please do not allow any other individual to wear the rental suit. If you loan your rental suit to anyone else, you will be charged accordingly. 


-All pre-owned and in-stock suits are FINAL SALE.

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