This is an experience built on trust.

You have many options to purchase a suit and there is a style of designer out there for everyone.

I will not pressure you to work with me.  If  it is meant to be, it will be. 

I am not a mass production site. I am an artist who works with each athlete to create your vision for a suit

Therefore, exact designs are not duplicated.   

We choose one another mutually.

This is a collaborative project to create a design and produce a competition suit that is uniquely yours.


What is unique about you? What makes your personality shine? What makes you feel confident on stage? Those questions we will explore as we work together.


Working with stones and fabric is an art form. 

If we choose to collaborate, I will do my very best to bring your vision alive on the suit. 

If we choose to collaborate, you are agreeing to accept my artistry as a designer. 


Part of consultation is offering  expertise in choosing fabrics and colors that react under stage lighting in the ways you envision. To the right are examples of very similarly colored fabrics.  Each reacts differently under stage lighting. Each showcases stonework differently.  This discussion is part of our consultation.


Suits cannot be altered after stonework is complete, so I trust you to give me accurate measurements and I trust you will  follow through with your training.

I also trust you to accept my creativity.  This is part of choosing one another.


The suits:

All suits come with pockets in the bra top and substantial padding

All suits are made with high quality spandex fabrics and high quality connectors.

I use high quality  crystal only.

I do not use glitter glue, glitter paint, or acrylic low quality stones



I take payment through Paypal. 

After we mutually agree upon a price, I will invoice you for the suit.

I am always willing to work on a payment plan. 

I do not chase people for money.

If you trust me to make your suit, I trust you to pay me.


There are no refunds or returns.

This is a custom design experience meaning everything from sizing to stonework is uniquely yours.  

I do not offer "group or team discounts".  This experience is indivisual one-to-one consultation.  

My philosophy is  that all athletes should be treated the same and given a fair price regardless of their team associations.


Work does not begin until you have paid your first invoice. 

If for some reason you wait several weeks before submitting your payment, you need to contact me to make sure I still have time to produce your suit. The goal is to make this stress free for both of us. If you do not pay for your suit before the date of contract, it is considered "abandoned" .  

I appreciate honest communication.



I believe in good open communication. This means speaking in person when necessary.

We will also use email and texting in order to  communicate short messages. 

Your suit price includes 1 hour of consultation. 


Social Media:

Suits are all posted on the Facebook page: A Quarter Turn To the Right.

Instagram @aquarterturntotheright

Please check it out to see additional design work and "like" my pages!

I am also so  happy to post your stage photos on that page as we celebrate your courage and dedication so please send stage photos after your show!  We want to celebrate together!!!



All bikinis are made with high quality fabrics.

Tops are double lined with padding and pockets

Connectors can be added at hip, neck, center and back.

Prices start at $400 and depend upon connector styles chosen.



All suits are made with high quality fabrics and Swarovski crystal

Suits are lined and have pockets with substantial padding 

Connectors may be added at the neck and center. 

Prices start at $400


Men’s trunks:

Yes. I do make them.


International orders:

I ship anywhere in the world.  ~ International USPS  $35 



A Quarter Turn To The Right sponsors several athletes. 

Athletes are chosen based upon their demonstrated character, dedication to the sport & level of competition.

I choose athletes  who demonstrate kindness and encouragement toward other athletes and a professional demeanor that represents the sport well.  

Once we agree upon sponsorship…we are together until the athlete decides to stop competing.  

I feel this develops trust and builds a stress free relationship as the athlete isnt scrambling every year to find a new suit sponsor.  

It is rare that I have an “opening” for a new athlete but you are welcome to inquire!

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity.  I wish you all the very best this season!

~ anne