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Custom Suit Orders

You have committed yourself to months of preparation.

You have  spent hours in the gym. 

You have held yourself accountable to your meal plan. 

You have sacrificed time away from your family and friends.

Now you are considering the best part...



My mission is to make the suit process smooth and stress free so that you can focus on training and contest prep. My intent is to give every athlete red carpet treatment from start to finish. 

I want to create the suit of your dreams. Please contact me with your ideas and inspiration and I will give you a quote for your custom order.


Anne Brust

Suit Designer Anne Brust

I have been designing hand stoned competition suits for over 10 years. I take a great amount of pride in my ability to offer high quality suits at a competitive price.

I enjoy building friendships with my clients and I am truly inspired by all the stories of athletes who are pursuing their goals and dreams.

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