Thank you for stopping by! 

You have committed to months of preparation.

You have  spent hours in the gym; held yourself accountable for regimented eating habits; sacrificed time away from family and friends...and now you are considering the best part: THE SUIT! 

There are many options available to you when considering a suit so I am excited to work with you should you choose me as your designer.

My mission is to make the suit process smooth and drama free so that you can focus on training and contest preparation.

My intent is to give every athlete who chooses to work with me Red Carpet treatment from start to finsh.

I have been designing hand stoned competition suits for over 10 years and I take great pride in my ability to offer high quality suits at a competitive price.

I enjoy building friendships with my clients  and am truly inspired by all the stories of athletes who are pursuing their goals and dreams.

This sport becomes expensive quickly.  Your suit is a big consideration and  part of the investment.  

You have already invested significant time, energy and  money towards your goal  so we need to make sure you present your best self on show day!  


Your suit should accentuate your physique and be a first consideration.  

I'd love to work with you on that.

I use Swarovski crystal ONLY.

There is no pressure ~ you need to feel comfortable and confident so this process should be fun ~ like the icing on the cake!


Thank you to all my wonderful clients who have passed my name along all these years.

I will look forward to working with you!

Train hard and stay focused! ~ anne


Photo credit: Julia Terzo @ Redbarn Photography