What comes included with suit rental?

Suit rental for one (1) competition

Jewelry (yours to keep)

Suit glue (yours to keep)

Free shipping both ways

Free post show cleaning


How much is a suit rental?

Figure suit =  $250

Bikini suit = $150


The rental fee is paid up front at the time you reserve a suit and is non-refundable. 


When will you ship my suit to me? 

Your rental suit will ship to you via USPS Priority with signature required the week prior to your competition.


What happens if my rental suit doesn’t fit? Can I exchange it?

If your rental suit does not fit when it arrives, we will provide an exchange at no additional cost to you. Exchange suits will be selected by us to ensure proper fit. You must provide current measurements to us prior to an exchange.


Please keep in mind you are not renting a suit that was custom made for you. Your rental suit may require additional padding in the top and the bottoms or hip straps may need to be glued down with the glue that is provided with your rental. Permanently altering your rental suit is NOT permitted.


What happens if my suit isn’t available on my show day?

We are extremely careful to ensure availability of your chosen rental. However, unexpected circumstances or damage to a rental suit occasionally occur. We reserve the right to substitute a suit of our choosing in the event your selected rental suit is unavailable due to late return or irreparable damage.


When do I need to return my rental suit? Is there a late fee?

Rental suits are due back at our mailing address within 7 days after your competition. Return shipping is included with your suit rental. There is a $250.00 late fee if the suit is received after 7 days. If the suit is not received within 14 days after your competition, Athlete agrees to pay the full retail value of the suit and will be permitted to keep the suit. 


Do I need to clean my rental suit?

You rental suit will arrive clean and ready to wear! Post show cleaning is included with your suit rental. Please return your rental suit dirty. Please do not attempt to wash or dryclean you rental suit. 


What happens if I accidentally damage my rental suit?

Please do not attempt to repair any damage to your rental suit. If your rental suit is returned with damage beyond repair (such as permanent adhesive, permanent alterations, drycleaning damage, ect), you may be charged ½ the full retail value of your rental suit. There is not charge for normal wear on your rental suit such as a few missing stones. We trust that you will take great care of your rental suit!


What if I drop out of my show? Can I cancel my suit rental? 

All suit rental reservations and payments are non-refundable.


Can I share my rental suit with my friend?

Your rental suit is provided for YOU. Please do not allow any other individual to wear the rental suit. If you loan your rental suit to anyone else, you will be charged accordingly.